- Offering Boxes The primary way to support Calvary Chapel Rosarito financially is by depositing your gift in the offering boxes in the sanctuary.

Mexican pesos or U.S. dollars are gratefully accepted. Please write U.S. checks out to
"Calvary Chapel Rosarito"
- Cash in Stores If you just can't make it to church for some reason you can still support Calvary Chapel Rosarito using the following number at one of the many local participating shops.

Our Number:
4766 8415 3400 7698
*Deposits must be made in Mexican pesos
- Tax Deductable   Saving Grace World Missions is a U.S.based missions organization that CCR is a part of. Through their web based form you can support CCR online and even schedule recurring donations.

And, praise God, they don't charge us but give one hundred
percent of your donation to Calvary Chapel Rosarito.
- Electronic Transfer BANCOMER
Account: 0199729607
Branch: 4649
Authorization code: 012028001997296077
Name: Agape en Acción
Electronic or interbank transfers require the following information:
In Stores
U.S Tax
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