One sign of a healthy church is that it is planting other churches.

Sending out gifted, called, well prepared church planters is a God given passion!

To this end we have developed the world’s most successful church planting course. If you believe God has called you to plant a church, consider a 2 year commitment to the Calvary Rosarito’s Church Planting course.

All facets of successful church planting are addressed in this course.

This course is a two year program, divided in 4 semesters. Classes include lectures by experienced pastors, as well as practice sessions where you receive valuable feedback from teachers and peers.

Pastor Mike Vincent designed this course in 2005. He is a senior pastor at Calvary Rosarito in Mexico, and has a passion for training leaders to reach the nations. Under his leadership, Calvary Rosarito has sent out over 30 church plants since 2002.

Pastor Mike runs the course with the help of many other pastor coaches that guide and advise the students in learning how to teach and preach God’s True Word to others.

Get Involved

How can i be a part of this work?

Support a Church Plant

Serve at, attend, donate or pray for one of our church plants.

Go on a Mission Trip

Stay up to date on the mission trips we plan every year for church attendants.

Be a Church Planter

Devote two years to the church planting program we offer in Rosarito, Mexico.

We have sent out over 30 church plants since 2002.

Be a Church Planter



You feel that you are called to plant a church.


You are already be serving faithfully at your local church.


You have the recommendation of your current Senior Pastor.


You are willing to relocate to Rosarito for the duration of the course.


You must attend and serve faithfully at Calvary Rosarito for the duration of the course.


Send us an email and wait for our team to get back to you.

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