Lights Checklist

Let there be light (or not)


Turn on fuses


Turn on main switch for the front lights (Stage lights)

Main switch for the front lights

Turn on the computer

Power on switch for the computer

Click the cross 3x

Wait until the software (Sunlite Suite 2) is started

Make sure none of levels is too high:

  • Blinds off!
  • BWhite off
  • FrontW off
  • MH S1-S4 off
  • BDim < 20%
  • Main / Front / Back to full

Start with the Initial (I N I T) Scene as long as not more light is needed.

Startup Settings

Turn off:

Take the levels down

Shut down the software (Sunlite Suite 2)

Switch off the fuses

Switch off the main switch for the front lights (Stage lights)

Shut down the PC

Shut down the display controller

What if it doesn’t work? (Troubleshooting)

  1. Don’t panic!
  2. Check if all the power switches are on as described
  3. Let me know! If there is a problem with the system I (the master lightmaster) should be in the loop

DO NOT WILDLY SWITCH ON AND OFF POWER SWITCHES. Wait until changes are settled. If you switch off a power switch wait for 10s before switching it back on. The moving heads also have a start up time of about half a minute. Make sure you consider that when troubleshooting.

Other things to check:

  • Is the orange box powered up
  • Is the orange box showing “PC”
  • Is the right LED on the orange box flickering

If not restart the Computer (once)

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